GalleryPouch Gold

Feb 5, 2010
By Dan Havlik

Objects - GalleryPouch

Bubble wrap may be okay for shipping large, bulky objects but it doesn’t really cut it for flat, framed photos. (If you’ve ever tried to pack up and ship a gallery show of photos to another location, you know what we mean.)

To make life a little easier for the photographer, Frame Destinations has begun selling GalleryPouch Gold, a clever bubble bag designed to protect artwork. The bags are made from transparent, heavyweight, laminated polyethylene but unlike other bubble products there are no exposed bubbles which makes them difficult to pop. Also, since the bubbles are sandwiched in the middle, both sides of the GalleryPouch are smooth, making it easy to slip in framed photos and pack them for shipping.

GalleryPouch Gold is available in two options: either with Velcro or with a sealable plastic Flap. Personally, we prefer the Velcro version since it allows you to easily adjust the height of the bag for a snug fit.

The pouches are available from Frame Destination in a variety of stock sizes as well as custom sizes of up to 50 x 156 inches. Prices vary depending on the size but there’s no minimum purchase. You can also request the bag opening to be on either the long or short side.

Cost: $4.60 and up (custom size pricing varies)

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