Objects of Desire: Samsung Instinct HD

Nov 23, 2009
By Dan Havlik

Samsung Instinct HD

Cell phones with built-in video and still cameras are edging closer and closer to having (somewhat) acceptable image quality and the 5-megapixel Samsung Instinct HD is another step in the right direction. Of course, this phone is not going to replace your Nikon D3X but it may let you capture a decisive moment or two or help you scout your next location shoot. Plus, some professional photographers have found that camera phones open their creative doors since they're with them at all times. (For reference, see Chase Jarvis's The Best Camera is the One That's With You book, and the "Best Camera" app for the iPhone.)

The Samsung Instinct HD may only kind of/sort of resemble an iPhone—and we're very doubtful it has the same user experience—but its imaging chops are far superior. First there's the 5-megapixel sensor which is about as high as we'd go for resolution on a chip this small. We'd also like to see a halfway decent lens on a cell phone but that's probably asking a lot.

For video, while the Samsung Instinct HD doesn't let you actually watch the high-def footage you've captured on the handset, a TV-out HD connection means you can play it back on any high-definition compatible device such as an HDTV or a monitor.

Other, non-photo related features include a full Opera Mobile 9.7 browser, WiFi capabilities, an Ambient Light Sensor, and an accelerometer. Though the virtual keyboard on the Instinct HD doesn't compare to a true QWERTY keyboard, a proximity sensor with haptic feedback provides vibration to simulate actual typing.

Like we said though, the real reason you'll want this Sprint network handset is the built-in 5-megapixel camera and HD video camcorder. It may not be the best camera you have but it'll be with you at all times.

Cost: $250 with a two-year contract from Sprint
Further information: www.sprint.com

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