Objects of Desire: The Rosco Strobist Collection Lighting Filter Kit

Jan 6, 2010
By Dan Havlik

Prod Reviews Rosco Strobist

The small strobe lighting movement has seen a resurgence in photography in recent years thanks, in part, to the popularity of blogs such as the Strobist.com. What perhaps is most interesting, though, about the Strobist phenomenon is not its connection to cyberspace but its rediscovery of how simple lighting tools can completely change the look of your images, aka Photography 101.

One venerable company which is seeking to capitalize on this "new" movement is Rosco which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Rosco has been manufacturing colored filters since 1910 and recently released "The Strobist Lighting Collection." There's truly nothing revolutionary about this group of filters and that's what's so great about them.

The company worked with David Hobby, founder of The Strobist and featured in PDN's November issue, to cull this 55-piece collection of essential Cinegel filters. The filters are sized at 1.5 x 3.25 inches to fit most shoe-mounted flashes and include 20 different colors with multiple pieces of each color.

Cost: $9.95

Further information: www.rosco.com

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