Objects of Desire: WD Photos

June 2, 2010
By Dan Havlik

Objects WFD Photo

Here's a smart little app from WD (Western Digital) that lets you beam your photo library from your home studio's storage onto your iPhone. Yes, even if you're visiting a client 3,000 miles away, the WD Photos photo viewer app will let you tap into your studio's network drive to show off your work.

There are a couple of small catches to this app though. First you must be using a WD network attached storage (NAS) drive in your studio—both WD's My Book World Edition and WD ShareSpace NAS drives are compatible—and secondly you must have an account with WD's MioNet remote service. The good part is that MioNet, like the app, is free.

While we had some hiccups while setting up the MioNet service to access photos on our home's MyBook World Edition NAS drive—it kept showing us only 14 images—after we re-set MioNet it was smooth sailing. Since the app resizes your home images to fit the iPhone, it takes some time for them to start popping up on the screen. Once they're loaded though, you can quickly scroll through the thumbnails or touch to enlarge them on the screen.

Photos can be displayed vertically on the iPhone or in wide-view when you turn the screen to horizontal mode. The version of the app we tried didn't offer "pinch and enlarge" capability for photos but WD says it's working on adding that in a follow-up version. WD also says that while this app will work on the iPad, it's creating a version of the software optimized for Apple's tablet. Now that would be pretty sweet.

Cost: Free

Further information: www.wdc.com

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