Objects of Desire: Summit Series Snow Camera Goggle (Model 335)

Feb 10, 2010
By Dan Havlik

Objects of Desire - snow goggle

This traditional-looking ski goggle lets you snap 5-megapixel still images or capture standard definition (720 x 480) video at 30 frames per second (including audio) with just a tap of your glove.

Though it might seem slightly frivolous, how many times have you stood at the top of a mountain and wished you had brought a decent camera? And even if you did bring one, do you really want to take your gloves off in freezing cold weather to take a picture?

The Snow Camera Goggle has two large, weatherized buttons on its side for easy access even when wearing gloves. To operate the goggle, just turn on the camera, choose either video or still mode and press the shutter button. LED lights inside tell you which mode you’re in. Liquid Image describes the lens in the snow goggle as “wide angle” but there’s no indication of the focal length.

There’s a measly 16 mb of internal flash memory in the goggle but that’s expandable thanks to a Micro SD/SDHC slot which can accept cards of up to 16 gb. You can download images either by removing the card or by connecting a supplied USB cord to your computer.

The goggle’s camera is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery and Liquid Image estimates performance at 2200 still images or 2.20 hours of video per charge. If you want it for this ski season you’ll be disappointed though. The Snow Camera Goggle is not scheduled to ship until the summer.

Cost: $149

Further information: www.liquidimageco.com

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