Canon USA Confirms It Will Not Attend PMA 2010 (UPDATED)

Sept 29, 2009
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist

Canon USA has confirmed to PDN Gear Guide that the company will not be attending the PMA 2010 trade show in Anaheim, CA in February.

"Yes, Canon U.S.A. has decided not to participate in the PMA 2010 Trade Show," Melissa Dara Moritz, Canon USA's Public Relations manager, told PDN Gear Guide in an email message.

Though Moritz did not elaborate in her email message, Eliott Peck, Canon USA's Vice President and General Manger, later told PDN Gear Guide in an interview that the decision to bow out of PMA 2010 resulted from "changes in the industry."

"We find that product life cycles are moving so much faster and that product introductions are happening in such shorter time frame that we needed to be much more agile," Peck said. "And we find that trade shows are very locked into specific times which somewhat limits what we want to do."

Peck did say, however, that Canon will attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2010, because CES' blend of digital technologies is more suited to Canon's current direction.

"One of the things that's changed is the convergence of technologies. You can go back and see that PMA once was just a photo show and CES was just a consumer electronics show. Today all of those technologies have become much more blended," he noted. "And at CES we see a much broader mix of retailers who can support all of those technologies. Plus, CES has a much larger attendance."

Where PMA has averaged approximately 20,000 attendees over the last several years, CES routinely attracts over 100,000 people. Attendance for both shows, however, has been down in the last few years due, in part, to the troubled economy.

Peck said Canon has not made plans yet for which shows it will attend in 2011 and had no information on whether Canon Europe planned to attend the photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany in 2010.

When asked whether the current economic climate affected Canon's decision to pull out of PMA 2010, Peck responded: "Not at all."

"It's not about cutting expenses. It's about reevaluating how we do business," he stated.

The decision to move the PMA show from Las Vegas to Anaheim, CA in 2010, also played some part, Peck said.

"Moving out of Las Vegas has always been a little tough. I don't want to say it's just Anaheim or its just timing. It's a combination of all the things we've talked about."

The word from Canon confirms a web report from Amateur Photographer magazine which was among the first to report that the imaging giant will not be attending the the PMA 2010.

An official from PMA also confirmed the news to PDN Gear Guide earlier today.

"Yes, Canon has chosen not to exhibit at PMA 2010 in Anaheim," said PMA spokesperson Tom Crawford. "We continue to have a good relationship with Canon, as a valued PMA member, and look forward to their participation in our many events around the world."

Crawford would not say whether any other manufacturer had decided to pull out of PMA 2010.

"In terms of other exhibitors and their participation at PMA 2010, we consider their booth applications to be confidential marketing planning until lists and maps can be published sometime later this fall," Crawford said. "But we are very excited about the response we are getting thus far on the PMA 2010 exhibit front."

He added that PMA has just announced the first Southern California Photo Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on the Saturday before PMA.

Several major photo manufacturers contacted by PDN Gear Guide, including Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Kodak all said they still planned to attend PMA 2010. Several others, including Sony, Samsung, and Pentax did not respond to the query.

The exit by Canon will be a huge blow to the PMA show, which is one of the largest photo trade shows in the world. The show, which is formally known as the Photo Marketing Association International Convention and Trade Show, attracts tens of thousands of photo retailers and photographers every year. Canon has, traditionally, occupied one of the largest booths at the PMA show.

In recent years, the PMA show has been held in Las Vegas, NV. For 2010, the event will be held in Anaheim, CA from February 21-23rd.

(The Nielsen Business Media Photo Group, which publishes PDN, runs a trade show as part of the PhotoPlus Expo. Canon is participating in that show next month.)

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