Objects of Desire: Profoto BatPac

July 1, 2010
By Dan Havlik

Objects - Profoto BatPac

Finding power when you're shooting on the road can be a draining experience. (Pardon the pun.) It's even worse if you're miles away from the nearest electrical outlet. Profoto's come up with a pretty nifty fix to meet your on-the-go energy needs: the "power-in-a-bag" BatPac which you can sling over your shoulder—or, more accurately, over your assistant's shoulder—and bring to your next outdoor shoot.

The 25-pound BatPac is designed to power Profoto's D1 monolights, providing up to 600W of continuous power from two main outlets. It'll work with all the D1 lights—250, 500, and 1000 ws units. When it's fully charged—which takes approximately eight hours from zero to full—the BatPac will give you 300 full-power flashes at 1000 ; 600 at 500 ws; and 1200 at 250 ws. In addition to D1 lights, the BatPac is compatible with older Profoto ComPact units and Acute2 flash generators.

But the BatPac isn't just for powering your lighting. It can also operate as a power inverter to juice up your laptop, camera batteries, and other essentials. Want to use a wind machine in front of your model? The BatPac can power it. Need a fridge to keep drinks cool for the crew? It'll work with that too.

Profoto's also built in safety and stability functions that control overvoltage, temperature, and low battery voltage to prevent damage to the BatPac and connected flash units. And so you won't break your assistant's back, BatPac has a built-in shoulder strap and harness to provide the necessary support.

Cost: $1700

Further information: www.profoto-usa.com

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