PMA 2010: Tenba Releases New Messenger Camera Bag and Daypack

Feb 18, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist

Tenba messenger

Ok, so technically PMA 2010 doesn't start in Anaheim, CA until Sunday but manufacturers are already churning out some new releases in anticipation of the show.

One of our favorite bag companies, Tenba, has just launched a new messenger-style camera bag and a daypack. Yes, this may sound somewhat familiar since the company also came out with a new lightweight photo backpack for its Shootout Collection on Monday.

These bags have a distinctly "urban" style though and, as the name suggests, recall those messenger bags you see slung over bike couriers' shoulders in the city.

Along with having a snazzy, soft feel that hugs your body, they're stuffed with pro features including durable, military-grade construction, and enough pockets and storage space to fit most of your gear for day-long street-shoot.

We also like Tenba's "Velcro Silencer" which won't alert shy subjects you're taking your gear out of your bag.

The Tenba Messenger Camera Bag sells for $129.95 and the Daypack goes for $139.95

More details in the press release below.


Tenba Releases New Messenger Camera Bag and Daypack

Elmsford NY – February 17, 2010 – Tenba has expanded its Messenger collection with a new Camera Shoulder Bag and a Photo/Laptop Daypack. The new bags follow the soft, body-hugging and retro-discreet styling of the company’s courier-style messenger bags, but with additional capacity and a variety of new and different features.

The Tenba Messenger Camera Bag and Daypack are constructed of military-grade, 1000 denier nylon. Tenba describes the material as “ounce-for-ounce, the most time-tested, durable, weather-resistant textile in the outdoor industry.” Each of the models offers a variety of over 20 pockets and other storage spaces to keep digital camera equipment and accessories organized and protected. Space is thoughtfully and efficiently laid out for cables and card readers, mobile hard drives, chargers and much more. Color-coded media card windows, mesh-ventilated body contact points, and removable, padded camera inserts with adjustable dividers are among the many bells and whistles.

One of the more interesting and unique features of the Camera Bag is Tenba’s exclusive “Velcro silencer” — a tuckaway flap that can be unfolded to create a barrier between the Velcro closures, so the bag can be opened silently. This is critical to wildlife photographers, sports shooters, photojournalists and others working in quiet locations. As Tenba Product Manager Peter Waisnor puts it, “Endangered eagles and most other animals, including senators and golfers, hate Velcro. Try to photograph them out of a bag without a silencer and it’s bye-bye birdie.”

Waisnor says that Tenba’s original Messenger bag “has consistently been one of the most popular products in our line for almost 5 years.” He explains that customers like the understated and intentionally low-tech look of the collection, not only for fashion’s sake, but because the bags don’t broadcast the expensive equipment they carry. Waisnor goes on to say that “The new bags were designed at the request of — and with significant feedback from — the professional photographers who have comprised Tenba’s core audience for over 30 years.”

The new Messenger Camera Bag and Photo/Laptop Daypack are available now in black, olive and burnt orange at suggested retail prices of $129.95 and $139.95 respectively.
To see full video demonstrations of these and other Tenba products, visit, or the company’s full website,

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