Objects of Desire: Flex DSLR Remote

March 4, 2010
By Dan Havlik

Objects Flex DSLR Remote

One of the most interesting things about the HD-DSLR phenomenon is the wide variety of inventive accessories that have sprung up around these cameras. First there were those rigs from companies such as Redrock Micro and Zacuto which made it easier to hold an HD-DSLR while shooting video. Then there were the viewfinder add-ons including Zacuto's Z-Finder V2—still trying to get one of those to review—and helpful lighting attachments, such as LED lighting from Litepanels.

Now you can include a new remote video stop-and-start device to the list of cool gadgets for your HD-DSLR. Made by Switronix, the Flex DSLR Remote can wirelessly trigger the HD video record function on your Canon EOS 7D or 5D Mark II. (Sorry, it's compatible with only those two cameras for now.)

The Flex DSLR Remote uses an Infrared transmitter on the end of a flexible arm to send a pulse of light to the IR sensor on the front of the 7D or 5D Mark II. First make sure the gooseneck arm is in line with the sensor on the camera and then press the red button on the Flex DSLR Remote to turn HD capture on or off. The Flex DSLR remote has a range of one meter and can be attached to either a tripod or a camera rig or just hand held.

Though it's a pretty simple device, we can think of a range of uses for the remote if, for example, you are setting up your HD-DSLR in a tight or precarious location. It's also helpful if you're trying to capture video of a shy subject.

The flexible arm can be extended up to 12 feet and coils down to 3-feet in diameter. The device is all metal so it should stand up to some wear-and-tear. It's powered by two (included) AAA batteries. Switronix tells us it plans to make the Flex DSLR Remote compatible with other HD-DSLRs in the future.

Cost: $155

Further information: www.switronix.com

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