Black Rapid Unveils Sling-Style Camera Strap for Women

April 23, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist

Black Rapid for women

We've reviewed Black Rapid's fast-shooting camera straps in the past and though we've liked them, they've always struck us as a tad, ahem, manly.

Black Rapid's probably heard such feedback before and has responded with its first camera strap designed specifically for women: the RS-W1

Though the basic design is the same as the older models -- a sling-like camera strap that makes it easy to quickly and safely bring your digital SLR to your face -- the RS-W1 is designed with a sleeker curve to better fit a woman's form.

Aesthetically, it's also slightly different. (No, they didn't make it pink!) Instead, they've added a subtle leaf-like pattern into the strap. Our initial impression: look nice.

The strap is still in production and Black Rapid has not released a price yet. It is slated to go on sale this summer.

More details, visit Black Rapid's website.

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