PMA 2010: Shen Hao Shows Off Large Format Wooden Professional Cameras

Feb 22, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN Technology Specialist

Shen Hao

We had to go pretty far afield at PMA 2010 today to find one of the more attractive products of the show: large format wooden film cameras from Chinese company Shen Hao.

Following a tip from Mason Resnick of Adorama, we found the big wooden models all the way in the back of hall E, where they were flying under the Shanghai Seagull Camera banner.

These weren't low-budget Seagull cameras though. Shen Haos are high-quality and hand-made with Black Walnut or Teak woods.

The company was showing off  about half a dozen models at PMA, ranging from a 4x5-inch folding View Camera ($790) to a 60x170mm non-folding cameras ($1,868).

Our pixel addled brains were happy to these beautifully made cameras, which don't appear to have changed dramatically from the early days of photography.

Add the Shen Haos to all the attention over the U.S. release of a Fuji-branded medium format film camera and Kodak's introduction of EKTAR 4x5 and 8x10 sheet film, and there might be yet another film revival going on.

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