Polaroid Instant Cameras And Integral Film On The Comeback

Oct 13, 2009
By Conor Risch

Earlier today in Hong Kong, The Summit Global Group, which was granted a license to produce certain Polaroid-branded products this past June, announced its plan to reintroduce certain iconic Polaroid instant cameras to the market in 2010.

As part of their reissue of instant film cameras, The Summit Global Group have partnered with The Impossible Project, which plans to release black and white integral film under a new brand at the beginning of 2010, with color film to follow later in the year.

This past February we published a Q&A with Dr. Florian Kaps, the executive director of marketing and business development for The Impossible Project, a group of photo enthusiasts and former Polaroid employees trying to reinvent the way integral film packs are made.

The group licensed the rights to develop new integral film, and signed a ten-year lease on a Polaroid film plant in Enschede, Netherlands, which was no longer in use. Their goal was to release integral film packs back to the market beginning in 2010.

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