Adobe Lightroom 3 (Beta 2) Video: Ice-Climbing Shoot with Adventure Photographer Tyler Stableford

May 5, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist

Tyler Stableford Lightroom 3

With the release of the final version of Adobe's Lightroom 3 image management software expected in the coming months, Adobe has posted a new video featuring Colorado-based adventure photographer Tyler Stableford using the Beta 2 version of the software.

The video shows Stableford using Lightroom 3's tools to organize, edit and post images from an ice-climbing shoot.

Yes, this is more or less an extended commercial for Adobe (and for Canon, for that matter), but does offer some good examples of the new features in Lightroom 3 including its revamped import abilities that bring still and video files into one location; the redesigned post-crop vignette tool; the highlight recovery tool; graduated filter and more.

Check out the video below. If you want to download LR 3 Beta 2, click here.

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