Interested in Becoming a Professional Photographer? There's (Sort of) An App for That

Jan 19, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist


We've written about all kinds of iPhone photo apps in the last year but here's one that takes the cake. The ProPhoto iPhone app purports to tell you "the secrets of becoming a professional photographer" but is really just a new breed of app that's mostly an advertisement.

In this case, this free app touts something called The Institute of Professional Photography which, from what we can tell, is a franchised clearinghouse for a series of online courses that cover everything from photography to gardening.

Yes, the ProPhoto app provides a couple of pages of info on "Life as a professional photographer" or "Earning money as a professional photographer" but it's pretty cursory stuff. Our advice: stay away from this app.

But if you're curious and want to learn, perhaps, what not to do both as a pro photographer or as an app developer, it's free. More info in the press release below.


PRESS RELEASE: Snap That App: The Secrets Of Becoming A Professional Photographer

There’s a new state-of-the-art way to learn the secrets of becoming a successful professional photographer. Launched today, the free iPhone ProPhoto app gives you a comprehensive introduction to getting paid for doing something you love.

Whether you have the ambition to become a fulltime photographer or simply want to supplement your existing income, this unique app – available for download from or directly from the app store – finally opens up a world of options to teach you how to turn dreams into reality and become a self employed professional.

Kit Sadgrove, Director of the Institute of Professional Photography which has developed the app, said: “A keen app browser myself, I realised that there was a huge potential to promote new skills through the iPhone. And there was absolutely nothing out there to help photographers hone the professional skills vital to establishing and maintaining a successful business.

“Photographers are highly creative individuals driven to achieve the perfect shot. But to succeed professionally they need sound business skills to manage and develop their livelihood. Typically, a photographer will devote up to 85% of their working hours to running their business rather than taking photographs.

“The unique ProPhoto app will introduce them to the options available to learn business survival skills first hand with The Institute of P rofessional Photography: whatever their level of photographic experience, the introduction available on this app and our associated diploma course can open up a whole new world of opportunity to make a living from photography. “We intend to develop the ProPhoto app further in the coming months, so remember to keep visiting to check for updates.”

How to set up as a successful freelance photographer is just one of the many secrets The Institute of Professional Photography passes on to its students. While many photography courses make big promises, hardly any succeed in teaching the nuts and bolts of the freelance business. In fact, The Institute is so confident they can set their students on the road to a new and successful career, they guarantee that if after some initial marketing those who enroll don’t earn at least the cost of the course within 90 days of completing it, they’ll refund the course fees.

Past student Keith Godwin from London said: “Don’t hesitate! The course has been well thought-out and covers all the necessary elements to prepare the would-be professional photographer. The ability to work at your own pace with no end deadline is a great bonus allowing the student to adjust time commitment with other demands.”

Becoming a professional photographer is just a click away with the ProPhoto app and diploma course from The Institute of Professional Photography.

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