Video To Go In The Flip Video Mino

June 6, 2008
David Schloss, Technology Editor

Remember the days when video cameras weighed enough to be used in a workout and were only taken out of the box for special occasions?

Digital changed that era, and even more than digital cameras the form factors of video devices have been made smaller over the last few years.

In no case is this more true than the Flip Video Mino, a $180 video recorder that tips the scale at only 3.3 ounces and features a case design that looks at home next to an iPod, iPhone or even a classy Zippo lighter.

While it will only record VGA video, it does capture up to 60 minutes of video to the built-in RAM. There's a built-in LCD screen to view images and for camera control. The built-in battery can be recharged over USB.

It's another example of how digital is making the world ultra-portable and how it's possible now to capture and play with creative content in a way never before possible.

The new player will be available primarily through Amazon; more information is available at

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