PhotoPlus Expo 2009: AeriCam Remote Controlled Helicopter for Flying Your DSLR

Oct 24, 2009
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist


It's a soggy third day of the PhotoPlus Expo here in New York City. With rain still drenching the streets outside the Jacob Javits Center, the crowd at the show is wet but enthusiastic.

We usually spend the last day at PhotoPlus hunting the aisles for unusual products we haven't seen before and this year came across a cool new remote controlled mini helicopter for shooting aerial footage. Called the SkyShutter Aericam, the robo-copter differs slightly from other similar unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) we've written about before because of its unique, lightweight erector-set design.

Created by photographer Jason Lam, the aluminum 30-pound Aericam offers a 7-pound payload, allowing it to carry a digital SLR on board as large as the new Nikon D3s. The helicopter is controlled by a remote control pilot who guides the craft along with a camera operator who steers the DSLR via a live feed on a ground station.

For photography and video, the Aericam 3-axis camera mount can move in a 360-degree pan, tilt, and roll movements. A long-time remote control helicopter enthusiast, Lam sells the Aericam for $9,000 as a kit or $12,000 assembled.

For more information, check out There's also a sample video below.

Aerial Photography New York from Jason Lam on Vimeo.

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