Canon Confirms Expansion of Explorers of Light Program to Include Cinematographers

April 12, 2010
Just as we told you would happen on Friday, Canon announced today that it is expanding its Explorers of Light program to include cinematographers.

Along with Terminator Salvation cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, who we mentioned in our story on Friday, four other cinematographers and one still photographer will be joining the Explorers of Light which is a largely ceremonial though much-sought-after designation from Canon.

Other movie-makers joining Hurlbut as Explorers of Light include:

• Alex Buono, director of photography for Saturday Night Live
• Rodney Charters, director of photography for 24
• Crescenzo Notarile, director of photography for Ghost Whisperer
• Russell Carpenter, director of photography for films such as Titanic, True Lies and Charlie’s Angels

The still photographer joining Canon's Explorers of Light is Damian Strohmeyer of Sports Illustrated.

More details in the press release below.

Five New Cinematographers and One Still Photographer Added to the Program
LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., April, 12, 2010 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the addition of five cinematographers and one photographer to the Company’s Explorers of Light program which is an illustrious group of influential, imaging professionals who serve as ambassadors for Canon products. The addition of these cinematographers further solidifies the importance that Canon’s EOS HD video products have played in the industry. From being used on set for hard-to-get shots for motion pictures to filming full-length television commercials, Canon’s EOS HD video products are beginning to revolutionize the film and television industry.
The use of Canon EOS HD video products has increased exponentially and these five new members have been on the frontlines leading the charge. Based upon their outstanding work in cinematography, Alex Buono, director of photography for Saturday Night Live; Rodney Charters, director of photography for 24; Crescenzo Notarile, director of photography for Ghost Whisperer; Russell Carpenter, director of photography for films such as Titanic, True Lies and Charlie’s Angels; and Shane Hurlbut, director of photography for Terminator: Salvation, have been added to Canon’s group of Explorers of Light.
In addition, photographer Damian Strohmeyer of Sports Illustrated has been added to the Explorers of Light program based upon his excellence in still photography. While the use of the video capabilities in EOS products has increased, Canon remains an industry leader with still photography and continues to be the choice of respected professionals out in the field.
“Explorers of Light members have always represented the very best still photographers throughout the world,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. “With Canon’s EOS HD video being used more and more, it is only natural that we recognize the tremendous work by the professionals who are the best in their trade using our products on a regular basis.”
Alex Buono
For the past ten seasons, Alex Buono has been the director of photography for Saturday Night Live, for which he recently used one of Canon’s EOS HD video cameras to shoot the opening montage. In 2003, Alex received an Oscar nomination for his work on the short film “Johnny Flynton”, which he produced and photographed. In the past, he has also been a part of the camera crews for films such as Twister, Conspiracy Theory and Armageddon. Buono is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, International Cinematographer’s Guild and International Documentary Association.
Russell Carpenter, ASC
With credits in films such as Titanic, True Lies, Indian in the Cupboard and Monster--in-Law, Russell Carpenter is a household name in the cinematography industry. The Oscar award-winning Carpenter, who recently used a Canon EOS HD product for scenes in an upcoming film, has also shot a blend of small independent films and commercials when taking a break from larger projects. Carpenter is a proud and long-standing member of the American Society of Cinematographers.
Rodney Charters, ASC
Some would say New Zealand-native Rodney Charters was born to be a cinematographer. Inspired by his father’s love for movies, Charters took up the art of filmmaking very early. As the current director of photography for the award-winning FOX series 24, Charters has used Canon’s EOS HD video cameras to shoot a number of scenes. While the show is on hiatus, the American Society of Cinematographers member spends the bulk of him time behind the lens of small features and television movies.
Shane Hurlbut, ASC
As the director of photography for the feature film Terminator: Salvation, Shane Hurlbut put the Canon EOS 5D Mark II to the test filming various scenes where larger cameras would have had difficulty. Hurlbut calls the camera a “game changer” since the cinematography capabilities are endless. Working together with his “Elite Team”, Hurlbut has shot a total of 14 films of various genres while always maintaining the highest of professional standards. The American Society of Cinematographers member has also shot commercials for high-profile companies and is working on a currently untitled feature about Navy Seals. 
Crescenzo Notarile, ASC

Since 2006, Crescenzo Notarile has been the director of photography for the television show, The Ghost Whisperer. Recently, with the use of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, he has shot webisodes for the show which are available on For over 18 years, Notarile has been a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild and was awarded with a National Emmy Award in 1997 for “Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography.”
Damien Strohmeyer
Having photographed major sporting events such as the World Series, NBA Finals, Indy 500, World Cup and over 20 Super Bowls, Damian Strohmeyer is one of Sports Illustrated’s most important assets to have on the sidelines for a big game For his outstanding achievement capturing those memorable sporting event moments, Strohmeyer has been the recipient of awards from the National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year, The National Headliners Awards and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In addition to his work as a Sports Illustrated staff photographer for over a decade, Strohmeyer is a frequent speaker at educational events where he offers tips and techniques to aspiring professionals like himself.
Explorers of Light
The Explorers of Light concept came out of Canon U.S.A. in the mid 1990s as a broad-ranging initiative for photographic education and inspiration. Today, the group is comprised of more than 60 of the most influential photographers and cinematographers in the world, each a master of their own creative specialty. The Explorers share their photographic passions and technical expertise with eager audiences of photo professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts in a variety of personal appearances, seminars and gallery showings throughout the United States. Examples of the Explorers' work may be found online at the Explorers of Light Gallery as well as numerous museums, galleries and publications. Explorers of Light use Canon EOS photographic equipment, and many print with Canon iPF wide format printers.  Most recently, many of their public presentations have been enhanced with their use of high-resolution Canon REALiS projectors. For more information, please visit the Canon Digital Learning Center:

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