Tokyo Exporter Offering Early Delivery of Pentax 645D Camera

June 30, 2010
By Cameron Handley

Pentax 645D

Though the highly-anticipated 40-megapixel Pentax 645D won't be shipping in the U.S. until October (at the earliest), at least one company claims it can get the medium-format digital camera to you in less than a month.

According to Max Hodges who operates White Rabbit Express, a Tokyo-based export service of Japanese products, the Pentax 645D is available through his company as a special order item with a lead time of “about three weeks.”

Hodges estimates a cost of $40-60 to ship the camera worldwide via Express Mail Service. This includes tracking and insurance. The Pentax 645D camera body itself is selling for $10,000 through White Rabbit Express.

“We don’t mark up the shipping rates,” says Hodges. “Normally we add 13.5% per order to the price of the product(s) plus any local tax and inbound shipping costs to our office.”

In cases of high-cost items like this camera, expressing a desire to accommodate, he says, “We often make exceptions and charge less for expensive items.” He continues, acknowledging the demands of competition, “We always welcome the opportunity to beat another exporter’s price upon request.”

Regarding warranty coverage and manufacturer service, Hodges explains that White Rabbit acts as a conduit between the buyer and the manufacturer. “You cover the shipping costs to and from Japan and we will negotiate with Pentax on your behalf as a no-cost service.”

The company also says the DFA645 55mm F2.8 lens is available for around $1,150. The lens and the camera can be shipped together by Express Mail Service for a shipping total of $60-80.

Though interest has been high for the 645D, Pentax is fulfilling orders for the camera in Japan first before the company brings it to the United States.

In an interview in PDN Gear Guide with Pentax's John Carlson last week, Carlson couldn't give a firm answer on when the camera would ship in the U.S. but predicted it would be here before the end of the year.

"My gut feeling is that it will be available here in the Fall, likely in October," Carlson told us.

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