PMA 2010: Sony Unveils Prototypes of Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera and Two New Pro Lenses

Feb 21, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN Technology Specialist

Sony guy

Sony unveiled several new "concept" products at PMA 2010 this morning including a mirrorless compact digital camera that uses interchangeable lenses and can shoot full HD video; and two new pro lenses for Sony's DSLRs.

The compact camera, which does not have a model name yet, will use a APS-C sized (24x16mm)  CMOS sensor and will capture 1080p HD video in the AVCHD format. (Sony's name designation for the sensor is Exmor APS HD.) No resolution has been announced for the prototype camera.

"It will have the quality of DSLR camera in an ultra-compact body," said Masahi Imamura, president of Sony's Personal Imaging & Sound Business group at a press conference at PMA to announce the new products.

It is designed, ostensibly, to take on other mirrorless pseudo-DSLRs including the Samsung NX10 which also uses an APS-C sized sensor; and the Olympus EP-1 and Panasonic Lumix GF1 which both use slightly smaller Micro Four Thirds sized sensors

The Sony prototype lenses include a 500mm, f/4 G super telephoto lens and a Carl Zeiss Distagon T 24mm F2 ZA SSM for wide-angle photography.

Imamura did not announce pricing or availability of these products, only saying they would come out some time in 2010.

"The camera and lenses will be launched this year so please stay tuned," he noted.

Sony also showed off a prototype of a still unnamed successor to its A700 prosumer digital SLR.

"Sony's still sharply focused on our DSLR business,"  Imamura said. "New models are under development and our goal is achieving the fastest response in the class."

More info in the press release on the next page.

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