New Nikon Coolpix Answer My Geotagging Dreams

Aug 11, 2008
David Schloss, Technology Editor

Nikon just announced a whole slew of new point-and-shoot cameras. They announced the excellent-sounding P-6000, a compact digital with a massive 13.5 megapixel sensor which is larger in megapixels than what's in the D300.

This camera has me positively drooling—but why? It's not the sensor size and it's not the 2.7" touchscreen or the 4x optical zoom. It's the little things, like a built-in GPS receiver, so the device can do real-time geo-tagging of images. That's big and important to me, as geo-locating photos are going to be the next big trend in digital photography. It's also capable of shooting in fully manual mode and can capture in raw, which is great for the pro photographer looking to take along a super-compact little body that can still perform like a pro digital.

Details on the whole line of new Nikon cameras can be found in Nikon's press center:

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