Video Preview: Humble Monkey's 360-T2 Camera Truck for Tracking Shots with Your DSLR

April 8, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist

Humble Monkey camera truck

Here's a video preview of a neat little product we're testing for the May issue of PDN magazine: the Humble Monkey 360-T2 camera truck.

We tried out this cool camera dolly -- which is designed to give you steady tracking shots with your HD-DSLR -- with frequent PDN co-tester Jason Groupp, a New York-based photographer who put this video together.

After trying out the camera truck in Jason's studio with a Canon 5D Mark II attached, he took it out to the New York subway system to test it in the wild. As you'll see in the hilarious clip below, Jason and his crew attracted a lot of attention in the subways including a serenade from a potential American Idol contestant.

To see more of Jason's work, visit his website by clicking here. And be sure and check out the full product review of the Humble Monkey 360-T2 camera truck in the May 2010 issue of PDN.

Humble Monkey from Jason Groupp on Vimeo.

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