Objects of Desire: Skooba Checkthrough Laptop Bags

Oct 2, 2008
By Dan Havlik

Skooba Checkthrough Laptop Bags

When the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) announced earlier this year that it would work with manufacturers to help them create bags that are easier for checkpoint security to inspect with their X-ray machines, travelers breathed a collective sigh of relief. No more panic attacks while dropping your pricey laptop into a dirty storage bin and sending it down a conveyor belt.

The styles that manufacturers came up with for their TSA-approved laptop bags have left something to be desired, however. Along with featuring the same “clamshell” design to separate the laptop from its wires, power supply, and plug, the prototypes we saw all looked pretty drab.

One of the sportier-looking models out there is the Checkthrough Laptop Bag from Skooba. Though it may not turn heads like a trendy Crumpler bag, Checkthrough’s high-end business look should earn you some respect. More importantly, it will let you leave your pricey Apple MacBook Pro or Sony Vaio safely in the bag when you send it down the belt to get zapped by airport security.

Split into two sections by a hinge—one for the laptop and one for the rest of your stuff—Checkthrough lets you quickly and securely separate the two areas so you can lay it down flat to be sent through the machine. Afterwards, just zip it back together and you’re good to go catch your flight.

Another time-saving feature is the clear “quick-recognition” window that lets the inspector easily see your laptop so that he or she won’t have to stop and ask you: “Hey Bud, what’s in the case?”

Other helpful features include a “Doc-Pocket” quick-access holder for your plane tickets and passport; a pop-out ID holder; and a removable clear pouch with a zipper for stashing your allowable liquid bottles.

Cost: $140
Further information:

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