Objects of Desire: The Composer from Lensbaby

Oct 2, 2008
By Dan Havlik

The Composer from Lensbaby

Though we don’t know how we feel about the new model names for its lenses—”The Composer,” “The Muse,” and “The Control Freak”…huh?—we really like how Lensbaby has continued to tweak and improve its unique selective-focus optics. Though “The Muse” and “The Control Freak” are just replacements for past products—the current Original, Lensbaby 2.0 and Lensbaby 3G lenses—The Composer features a whole new twist. Sporting an innovative “ball and socket” design, The Composer is easier to use than past Lensbaby products while offering smooth selective-focus photography. We saw a sneak peek of Lensbaby’s ball-and-socket concept about a year ago and thought they were definitely on to something.

If you’re not already familiar with Lensbaby’s products, the company’s lenses are designed to let the photographer set a very specific “Sweet Spot” of sharp focus surrounded by striking graduated blur. The effect, if used properly, can be quite dramatic. The Composer’s ball-and-socket configuration makes the adjustment process easier by allowing the lens to retain its position after it has been bent, letting photographers tilt it in the socket with just one hand instead of having to squeeze it, as in the past.

No locking is needed once The Composer lens has been moved to the desired spot—just use the barrel ring to focus and take the picture. The focusing ring becomes more sensitive as it approaches infinity, making it easier to focus between 10 feet and infinity.

The Composer also uses Lensbaby’s new Optic Swap System which lets you easily change the lens’s optic effects by popping one optic out and inserting another. The Lensbaby Optic Swap System (sold separately) contains four current options: Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic and Pinhole/Zone optics.

Cost: $270
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