Objects of Desire: California Sun-Bounce MINI

Oct 2, 2008
By Dan Havlik

California Sun-Bounce MINI

Our wedding photographer buddy Jason Groupp turned us on to the Sun-Bounce MINI, which we’ve found to be one of the most effective and convenient reflector systems for portraits we’ve tried yet.

Sized at 35 x 49 inches when unfolded but collapsible to a 49 x 3.25-inch rod that slips into a sling bag traveling pouch, the Sun-Bounce MINI is a no-brainer accessory to take to your next outdoor portrait shoot. Though it’s available in several different color reflector combinations—Silver/White, Zebra/White, Gold/White, Gold/Silver and Black/Soft White—we like the Gold side the best for the warm glow it creates on skin tones, even on overcast days. (Now we know why they call it “California” Sun-Bounce even though the company is based in Germany.)

The MINI is designed for headshots, 3/4 portraits and product shots, and it is compatible with the Sun-Bounce Flash Bracket to let you bounce on-camera strobe into the reflector using either a light stand or the help of a trusty assistant. If you’re shooting full-length portraits, try the PRO Sun-Bounce instead, which offers 4 x 6 feet of coverage.

Cost: $266
Further information:

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