Update for liveBooks Web Portfolio Service Adds iPhone and iPad Support

April 13, 2010
By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist

Website portfolio provider liveBooks announced today it will update its service next month to make it iPhone and iPad compatible. The update, called liveBooks Version 5.9, will let web browsers on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch view liveBooks' Flash-based sites.

Since those mobile devices from Apple do not support Flash, photographers who've used liveBooks' portfolio sites either couldn't show off their work on iPhones, iPads etc., or have had to specifically customize their websites to do so.

This changed last week as the first part of the roll-out of the update, according to liveBooks CMO John Philpin. Currently, web browsers used on an iPhone or iPad will now automatically default to the HTML base code on liveBooks sites.

With the release of 5.9, that detection and redirection will move to a site specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad, Philpin said.

Other enhancements of the upgrade include "swipe" and rotation support; an option to choose a theme, background color or homepage color; and a home screen icon that can be used as a shortcut.

liveBooks users will also be able to turn on or turn off certain parts of their portfolios in the software's Edit Suite to make them accessible or keep them hidden on iPads and iPhones.

Philpin acknowledged that while photographers have sought this sort of compatibility from liveBooks sites for iPhones, it's the advent of the larger iPad that has really peaked interest.

"For instance, just imagine wedding photographers talking to the bride and groom and whisking them through their portfolio on the iPad," he said.

LiveBooks does not currently have an app for the iPhone and iPad and there are no plans to create one in the immediate future, Philpin said.

"This is not an app. It's adoption rather than application," he noted. "When we think about an iPhone or iPad app, we're still wrestling with what we want to do."

The free 5.9 update, which will be rolled out to new and existing liveBooks customers in early May, also adds the ability to rich-text edit and hyperlink within the image info area along with fixing some minor bug issues.

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