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It'll Save You Time!
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For a working photographer cranking out hundreds or thousands of images per week, Lightroom is a godsend! After each shoot, import your photos directly into the Lightroom catalog, and then make adjustments to color, exposure, level curves, and contrast. You can tweak one photo at a time, or synchronize settings on a batch of photos. When your done, simply select your pics and export the photos to whatever size and format you need. All changes are non-destructive, so you can go back to the original RAW file, and even develop multiple versions of the same photo.
Pros: The ultimate workflow enhancement for professional and serious amateur photographers.
Cons: A little sluggish during import and export processes - doesn't take full advantage of multiple processor cores, and requires lots of RAM.
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User: JZEIGL20
Best program next to photoshop!
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For photographers this is the best program next to photoshop. I think I am starting to use this more than photoshop! There are so many great features that make life just a little easier and frees up much needed shooting time.
Pros: Everything.
Cons: Haven't found anything monumental.
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Sept 18, 2007
Adobe Lightroom 1.1 has improved noise reduction features. The image editing and management software is now compatible with Windows Vista and supports multi-computer workflows. Version 1.1 adds RAW file support for new cameras like the Fuji FinePix S5 Pro, Canon EOS-1D Mark III, Olympus E-410 and SP-550 UZ and Nikon D40x. It also helps you adjust, manage and present big photo files on a Mac or PC, and works with DXO Optics Pro 4.5.

Retail price: $299 (free for an upgrade)
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